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What People are saying

'As the man that somehow dragged me and 8 other celebrities up Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, Mark certainly has the credentials to get you through the whole 9 months. I just wish I'd had a book like this when my wife was pregnant. Anything to reassure you that the swollen bits will go down, the hairy bits will disappear and the windy bits will pass!'
Ben Shephard, GMTV

Really made me laugh out loud and pretty useful too. Dads-to-be will appreciate the empathy with their point of view from dads telling their birth stories, to what to do when you wake up in the night sweating about providing for a whole new person, and, yes, how your sex life is likely to change.

This is a genuinely helpful addition to the reams of pregnancy books on the market.'
Ellie Hughes, editor, Pregnancy & birth magazine

having a  baby is a big deal


'A jargon-free book that will fill your partner in on everything you'd like him to know over the next nine months, including the differences between a dating and an anomaly scan, stages of fetal development and what he can expect when you're in labour. Our pick for pregnancy'
Mother & Baby

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Humorous and informative, this gives first-time dads a blow-by-blow guide to pregnancy -and tips on how to handle the impending birth.
Daily Record

A friendly, funny, informative and accessible nine-month guide to pregnancy for men.
Newcastle Journal